Wednesday, 8 July 2015

How to Celebrate Rakhi Festival?

Every true Indian knows the significance of Rakhi or say Raksha Bbandhan where it is being counted in one of the most awaited and auspicious festival of Hindus. This festival comes with load of joy and happiness every year in the month of July or august as per Hindu calendar. This festival is celebrated to spread the love of the most pious relationship of a brother and sister and their love. As per this festival’s ritual sister ties a sacred thread on his brother’s wrist and wish for his wellness, success and prosperity where  the brother vow to protect her sister in every thick and thin despite of any situation and circumstances. Representing unconditional love and concern of brother and sister this festival depicts the culture of Hindu tradition.

Former preparation for Rakhi festival:

The festival of love and care, the festival Rakhi comes every year and being celebrated with heartily enthusiasm and zest. Hindus starts their preparation much before the actual day. The sacred thread, Rakhi is available in the market or now on online sites about 20-25 days before the festival comes. People buy designer Rakhi, clothes, gifts and home decor accessories to set the festive mood. Not just it but there are also so many special sweets are available in the sweet shops. So many shops and online shopping sites provide you amazing discounts and deals on this fervor festive season. So many online sites avails you offer to send Rakhi and Rakhi gifts to their sisters and brothers who are residing far away from home. Flow of emotions and love on this day is just unstoppable and overwhelming.

Rakhi is not about just blood relation, a person also ties a Rakhi on wrist of a person with whom she shares the devout bond of brotherly love.

Traditional way to celebrate Raksha Bandhan:

As per the ritual and tradition every family member gets ready early on this festival day. First of all women of the family prepare for Pujan and make offering to Deities. Sisters decorate and prepare Rakhi Pooja Thali with Kumkum, Akhshat (rice grain), earthen lamp or Diya, Scented sticks, Sacred thread Rakhi and sweets. Then the sister performs the Pujan and Aarti of her brother. She apply Tilak on his Forehead, ties Rakhi on his wrist, sweetens his mouth with Sweets and prays for his brother well being, success and prosperity and in return brother take a vow to protect her sister all his life long and gift her something as a gesture of love, care and affection.


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